Integrarea E-mail Marketingului cu social media
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What is 7w?
White Image - 7w is the first tool that...
- Supports multiple strategies to integrate emails with social media;
- Enables users to share content in the main eight social network;
- Measures in detail the impact of the shared content in the social media.

7w social media integration enables subscribers to share their content with one just click within the most important social networks and provides marketers with all of the statistics which they need in order to create a strategy based on social media.
7w social content. White Image’s capabilities enable the automatic or individually controlled management for every social network of the content that every person plans to share with just one click in networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

7w social followup. With just one click, you can target the subscribers who are most active in the online communities, or those from a certain online community.
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Marketerii spun despre email si social media...
Why email and social media?
What is 7w?
Why 7w?
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