Integrarea E-mail Marketingului cu social media
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Why 7w?
- Enables the integration of emailing with social media
- Any user who gets a newsletter can share content in the social media, with just one click
- Enables the identification of newsletter subscribers who use the social media and who share the content because they consider that the content of the newsletter is very relevant to them
- Enables the identification and assessment of the impact that a newsletter has in the social media by monitoring:
the communities where the newsletter is shared (twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, dig);
the twitter accounts on which the content is shared;
the clicks generated by every sharing separately;
the interconnections between the various social networks;
the weekdays, month days, and hours that are most used to get access from the social media;
- The possibilities to target the email addresses that share some content in the social media.
- The possibility to profile those who share some content in the social media and to analyse their preferences based on their personal history and the demographical data.
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Why email and social media?
What is 7w?
Why 7w?
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